No Cost Spay Neuter

We are working very hard to set up a no cost spay neuter program for families making less then $30,000 pr year. Income will be verified prior to being awarded a No Cost Spay Neuter.

It will cost the rescue aprox $60 – $150 pr dog per spay/neuter (depending on size, weight, gender) and our goal is at least 5 dogs per month. So we will need an average of no less then $300 – $900 per month (again, the figures range as the size of the dogs have a great deal to do with the cost of the surgery). That figure is also assuming there are no complications so we would also need to have at least $500 in the No Cost Spay Neuter savings account to cover emergencies during the surgeries.

In order for NCSN to be successful we need your help. We are a volunteer organization who rely solely on donations from the public to save shelter dogs and to get our No Cost Spay Neuter program up and running. What we do is not cheap and we can not do it with out you. Your donation does not have to be large, you just have to make one.

If everyone who was passionate about dogs donated just $1 EVERY MONTH we could be able to save countless lives, deliver countless dogs from suffering and truly make a difference for the dogs in our community.

You can make a donation easily and painlessly by going to our “Donate, it’s easy!” page and using the paypal button we have provided for you.

If you would like your donation to got to NCSN specifically just write that in the notes. If you are commiting to a monthly donation please let us know that as well int he notes, we need to know what we can count on monthly.

If you would like it to sponsor a specific dog, just write that in and we will get it into the correct account.

We cant thank you enough for your support.

Donations to date : $32       9/30/10                           Goal Monthly: $12oo

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